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My trade and wish list. All seeds. I am from the united States

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Friday, 02 Jun 2017

NZ customs are very strict on importing seeds that are not certified and do not have a botanical name. I have tried to import seeds from a grower of daylilies and they were seized and destroyed.

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Tuesday, 06 Jun 2017

Hi Lauraine, we just made this page, it will lead you to a page on the EPA’s guidelines: It might be helpful, if you decided to try importing seeds another time 🙂

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Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017

I do import seed from overseas without problem, but because the day lily seed was deemed to have come from a home distribution endeavour, it was prohibited because it may have other unknown seed included. This is not included on the list of reasons on the MPI site. I always check that the seed I want to import is listed there.